Oliver's Heading back to school!


Kicking off the new School year, Oliver really brought his enthusiasm. Much like my own kids, he too has a mom who does photography. Before we moved to Indiana I reached out to Jessica, looking for a connection to the photography world out here. She has been nothing but a great support and friend through my transition and I thank her so much for that. Check out here photography page after you look at this one and give her a like on her social media. Jessica, was able to capture some stunning action shots of me that night... including this one!


Before this session I had to bring out the bug spray. The mosquitoes were relentless, but we did get to catch some frogs! One ended up peeing on me when i caught it...YUCK! I grew up in the backwoods, and It didn't stop me from having fun lol. When it got dark enough we brought out the mason jars and started playing with the fireflies! Oliver left with a big grin and not wanting to leave, that in my book meant it was a success! thank You Jessica and Oliver for blessing me with your presence that day. 

XO, Rebecca



I was that person who was tired of the ONE GENERIC PHOTO that you get for your kid's school pictures. And the one thing that makes me laugh the most, is that it's basically the same background as the ones I used in the 90's in my school pictures. Don't get me wrong, I Appreciate these pictures and the people who take them. In fact I am grateful for what they do (It's a lot of work!). I was just bored of it. This leads to me purchasing a really cool vintage desk on craigslist and taking school pictures to the next level. I loved doing them for my kids so much that I wanted to share this experiance with you. 

This Session's images are an example of what you could expect from my back to school mini sessions. You won't just get one photo, you get TEN, unique and artistically hand edited for you admire, enjoy and print. for more information about my one day only mini sessions,


Rebecca Waun

Rebecca Waun is a Bachelor of Science and an award winning photographer who is passionate about expression of art and the effect is has on the world. As an owner of a portrait business, she found her inspiration through her children. Understanding that time is a gift that is short lived and feels that preserving memories through photographic expression is timeless.

Home Grown in Western Washington, she has lived a small portion of her life in the southwestern states. She became a world traveler serving in the Marine Corps. During her four years of enlistment Rebecca Had served town tours to Iraq during the Iraqi Freedom War, earning an honorable discharge at the rank of Sergeant. After starting a family she later attending school where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Photography.

Now Residing in Peru Indiana, She taken her education and life experiances, applying them to her business and creativ endeavor by capturing the beauty in all things.