Back to school Open Party at the Crafty Vibe!




This back to school party was no exception!  Ages ranged from first grade to middle school and we all had a great time! (parents too)

"Stain station"

"Stain station"

As soon as you walk in to this crafty little nook here in Peru Indiana, you feel right at home. At least that is how I feel. I always tell Courtney (the owner), that if I had enough wall space I would be in every week making a new sign.

Not that crafty? I promise you will walk away with a work of art that you can be proud of!

Surprisingly enough it's so easy a first grader can do it! Literally! At this party we had two first graders. While they needed a slight helping hand, they both wanted to do everything on their own. They not only loved it, but their work turned out AMAZING!




This event was one of their many open events! To find out when their next one is Follow them on Facebook

feeling crafty with some friends? plan a private party. They do that too!

Private mom's day party! (I'm in the middle)

Private mom's day party! (I'm in the middle)


I had one of my own little parties with a couple girlfriends this last fall and we wanted to come back to make more!

Speaking of that, I'm ready for another girls crafty day!


I Highly Recommend stopping by and checking out the Crafty Vibe. It really does bring out the artist in you!

Rebecca Waun

Rebecca Waun is a Bachelor of Science and an award winning photographer who is passionate about expression of art and the effect is has on the world. As an owner of a portrait business, she found her inspiration through her children. Understanding that time is a gift that is short lived and feels that preserving memories through photographic expression is timeless.

Home Grown in Western Washington, she has lived a small portion of her life in the southwestern states. She became a world traveler serving in the Marine Corps. During her four years of enlistment Rebecca Had served town tours to Iraq during the Iraqi Freedom War, earning an honorable discharge at the rank of Sergeant. After starting a family she later attending school where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Photography.

Now Residing in Peru Indiana, She taken her education and life experiances, applying them to her business and creativ endeavor by capturing the beauty in all things.