A Week in Paradise


As a photographer I couldn't resist documenting as much as I could, capturing the beauty of the Mexican Riviera. While aboard the Carnival Miracle I can honestly say I had an amazing time. Not only celebrating 10 years of Marriage with my husband, but experiencing places I had never been. Surprisingly enough, after living in the southwest for a huge portion of my life I had never truly visited Mexico!  Out of the three ports I was able to go ATVing in Cabo San Lucas, drink Margaritas in Mazatlan and my favorite was exploring hidden beaches and villages in Puerto Vallarta. 

"Out to sea"  Long beach, CA

"Out to sea" Long beach, CA

Cobo San Lucas



Puerto Vellarta

My favorite of the three would be, hands down, Puerto Vallarta. Maybe because it was further south and much warmer that time of year or that we chose a great excursion to go on. The hidden beaches excursion provided snorkeling, whale watching, and we were able to immerse ourselves in the culture a bit by visiting a small village that required boats to get in and out of. I fell in love with the little kids who sold seashells they would find on the beach. From the village we rode horses to a hidden waterfall where a man they called Nacho put on a great show doing some cliff diving. The water felt like it came straight off the glacier! I went in for maybe a millisecond, because I knew I would have regretted it if I didn’t. “You only live once, Right?”

Now the entire trip didn’t revolve around the port stops. Carnival provided us with a fun and memorable experience. As a Theater buff I enjoyed the performances held in the Theater. Winning a little bit and spending more in the casino. Getting a bit tipsy off their signature cucumber sunrise and attending art auctions. NOTE TO SELF….. Don’t drink and attend art auctions where they sell Disney art. Let’s just say I went home with 4 pieces of art…oops!

With Themed nights and meeting new friends, Carnival held themselves to the party boat standards that they pride themselves on. Now I’m ready for another cruise!

Rebecca Waun

Rebecca Waun is a Bachelor of Science and an award winning photographer who is passionate about expression of art and the effect is has on the world. As an owner of a portrait business, she found her inspiration through her children. Understanding that time is a gift that is short lived and feels that preserving memories through photographic expression is timeless.

Home Grown in Western Washington, she has lived a small portion of her life in the southwestern states. She became a world traveler serving in the Marine Corps. During her four years of enlistment Rebecca Had served town tours to Iraq during the Iraqi Freedom War, earning an honorable discharge at the rank of Sergeant. After starting a family she later attending school where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Photography.

Now Residing in Peru Indiana, She taken her education and life experiances, applying them to her business and creativ endeavor by capturing the beauty in all things.